Monday, 12 February 2018

Mcx Support & Resistance Level With MCX Internatonal Market News By TradeIndia Research : 12-02-2018

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TradeIndia Research

MCX International 

Market Update

$ 1325.70 (+0.10)
$ 16.425(+0.286)
Crude Oil
$ 59.87(+0.67)

Mcx Support & Resistance Level

Live Commodity Tips

Gold Feb Future Silver Mar Future
R2–30300 R2 –38400
R1-30200 R1- 38200
S1-30000 S1-37800
S2-29900 S2-37600

Crude Oil Fab Future Copper Feb Future
R2 –3910 R2 –444
R1-3880 R1-441.50
S1-3820 S1-436.50
S2-3790 S2-434

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