Thursday, 15 February 2018

Ncdex Support & Resistance Level Comodity Free Stock Market Trading Updates by TradeIndia Research - 15-02-2018

Ncdex Support & Resistance Level

TradeIndia Researcch

Soyabean Future

  • R2–3830
  • R1 -3810
  • S1-3750
  • S2-3720

Rmseed Future

  • R2 –4230
  • R1- 4200
  • S1-4140
  • S2-4110
Jeera Future

  • R2 –16900
  • R1-16700
  • S1-16300
  • S2-16100

Dhaniya Future
  • R2 –6100
  • R1-6000
  • S1-5700
  • S2-5600

Castor Seed Future

  • R2 –4370
  • R1-4340
  • S1-4280
  • S2-4250

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