Wednesday, 5 December 2018

Stock Market Classroom with Udayan | How promoter credibility impacts investor returns

Promoters' decisions on capital allocation and their ethical framework go a long way in determining how much money investors make

A company's promoter group is crucial in shaping investor returns. If promoters don't appear aggressive in terms of acquiring companies and exploring new lines of business, chances are that investor returns won't be great.
Promoters' decisions on capital allocation, and their ethical framework also go a long way in determining how much money investors make. Returns can be greater if the market perceives the promoter as ethical and strong.
TCS and Infosys are examples of good companies that generate decent returns for their shareholders.
Investors shouldn't wait to hear news about the promoters of a company to form opinions. It is better to trust your gut and leave the company if you don't get a good feeling about the promoter.
In the fourth episode of Stock Market Classroom, Udayan Mukherjee, Consulting Editor at CNBC TV18, talks about the role of a promoter in maximizing investor returns.

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